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I understand the value of simple and persuasive communication.


By day, I work as a university research development coordinator, helping academics translate their work into fundable projects.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve worked in universities and the GLAM industries (galleries, libraries, archives and museums). I’ve worked exclusively for organisations where access to knowledge is their mission. I’ve bundle my experience into a writing service that helps you communicate for optimum success.



Why the name Cloudberry?

Cloudberries are a rare, sought-after, and nutritious berry that grows only in the wild far north, such as Scandinavia and my native Newfoundland (where they are primarily called ‘Bakeapples’).

The humble Cloudberry is a metaphor for my business - because I believe that good writing is something to be valued, nutritious and ultimately, shared.

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“If you are lucky enough to find someone who is a cloudberry forager, make him your best friend immediately.” (Bronte Aurell, Author of 'The Scandi Kitchen')