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A self-confessed Word Nerd, I actually ‘get’ grammar jokes (and laugh out loud).

I launched Cloudberry Writing after an extraordinarily productive (read: hectic) period of supporting my husband through medical school, having three adorable children and renovating our house. Twice.

I was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada - a stunningly beautiful place rich with history and natural wonders. I’m now based in the gorgeous seaside city of Newcastle, Australia, and when I’m not wrangling my wild kids, you’ll find me happily typing away on my laptop.

I’m obsessed with: Scandinavian style, coffee, crumply white linen, and a good sentence.


Starting a business didn’t occur to me until not one, but two, mentors each suggested it in the same week. Those conversations were ‘lightbulb’ moments that allowed me a chance to discover ways to satisfy my multi-passionate personality.

I’ve found that most organisations and individuals are passionate about their work but struggle to find the time, expertise and confidence to write for optimal success. 

I’m here to help you create your perfect message. My goal is to reduce your writing anxiety, free up your precious time and deliver writing that enables extraordinary success.



Why the name Cloudberry?

I chose the name ‘Cloudberry’ for my business because I grew up lucky enough to know of their near-magical value. They are a rare, sought-after, and nutritious berry that grows only in the wild far north, such as Scandinavia and my native Newfoundland (where they are primarily called ‘Bakeapples’).

Some of my favourite memories are of eating homemade cloudberry cheesecake for my birthdays - my family and I sitting in our dining room with our wood stove aglow while snow gently fell outside, (hygge, anyone?).

The humble Cloudberry is a metaphor for my business - because I believe that good writing is something to be valued, nutritious and ultimately, shared.

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If you are lucky enough to find someone who is a cloudberry forager, make him your best friend immediately.
— BrontË Aurell, Author of 'The Scandi Kitchen'